Wedding Testimonials from Nicolaus & Galuh

Don and his team were super pleasant to work with and the pictures were better than anything we had expected. In the preparation Don gave a lot of valuable tips and during our wedding day he made the shots a lot of fun for all of us. Would highly recommend to work with forest productions.

Thanks Don! Great shots. Galuh &  I love every bit!!!

Best : Nicolaus & Galuh (Solemnisation : 30/6/18)

Wedding Testimonials from Wenjie & Germaine


Now that our big day is over. I would like to thank Forest Productions. Don for our beautiful pre-wedding shoot. Chris for the amazing videos. Benjamin for the surprise proposal shoot and actual day photography. You and you team has exceeded our expectations and we will defintely recommend you guys to our friends and relatives as well.

Keep up the great works.

Germaine and me thank you for your professional and excellent services.


From the newly weds, Germaine & Wenjie (Wedding : 2/12/17)

Wedding Testimonials from Sebestian & Mandy

Hi Forest Production team,
Like to thank you for such a marvellous video that you all have done up for my wedding, especially to Christopher - the videographer, who came up with such a fun and awesome video within such a short time for my wedding lunch. All my guests enjoyed it and are praising it as well. 
Till now, a year on, we still love the video whenever we watch it.
Great job and really like to say a big thank you.
Keep up the good work.

From : Sebestian and Mandy (Wedding : 29/10/16)

Wedding Testimonials from Kenneth & Adeline

Hi Forest Productions Team,
Thank you so much for such a brilliant job on our wedding video. It is so well done and we absolutely love the highlights and funny bits. That was great and very funny. Even our guests are so impressed with our video. I would like to thanks Christopher, our videographer who took the extra time and effort to make the video a success. We would have no hesitation in recommending Forest Productions to family, friends, or colleagues.

From : Kenneth & Adeline (Wedding : 13/5/17)

Wedding Testimonials from Steve & Jess

Christopher, Don, Ben are extremely professional and creative individuals who dedicated themselves to capturing perfect memories of our special day. We were stunned by all the emotions and candid moments they captured throughout our dinner, and so glad we got to witness the joy of our friends and family immortalized within each photo. I highly recommend the team! 

From : Steve & Jess (Wedding : 29/4/17)

Wedding Testimonials from Ching Png & Sarah

After much research work, my Husband and I decided to engage Forest Productions for their videography services on our actual wedding day. Prior to the wedding, we met up with Christopher who gladly and patiently guided us through the entire process and also gave some advice on what is needed to achieve the effects that we wanted.  On the wedding day itself which started at about 4am, Christopher was very punctual and all geared up to do his magic.  Even though there were some instances where we thought it was pretty awkward to do certain poses or actions, the final video turned out very well and we both love it a lot.  Till this day, we will always look back at the video and reminisce about the experience we had.  

Thank you Christopher for capturing this important and memorable day so beautifully! 😊

From : Ching Png & Sarah Yeo (Wedding : 18/2/17)

Wedding Testimonials from Zac & Tricia

I have never regretted my choice on engaging you guys as my actual day photographer and videographers. You did not just play the role of a photographer/videographer but also as a friend who never fails to advise us on the customary practices to follow, making the entire process a less stressful and an enjoyable one! 

We are exceptionally pleased with how the photos and morning highlights video turned out to be and our guests are full of praises for it; so much so that I am not shy to admit until this very day, I still replay the clip once in awhile to reminisce on all the fun we had. 

Thank you once again to the awesome crew at Forest Productions!!! 

From : Zac & Tricia (Wedding : 12/2/17) 

Wedding Testimonials from Kok Hong & Pei Zheng

Dear Christopher and Don,

We are very pleased with the video . The video was delivered on time to us for our lunch many of guest enjoy the video as much as we do. Don was very patience and friendly. The photo were amazing. Thank you Chris and Don for your hard work ! 

From : Kok Hong & Pei Zheng (Wedding : 13/11/16) 

Wedding Testimonials from Dwayne & Rachel

It has been a great choice for us to engage Don for our actual day photography. He managed to capture all the important moments and amazingly the kids attention as well. With his experience and an eye for detail, he has guided us at every point especially the customary part. His jovial nature makes us feel very comfortable and not to be camera shy. 

We are very pleased with his service and definitely the outcome of the photos that we have received. We strongly recommend everyone to choose him for your actual day. Thanks.

From : Dwayne & Rachel (Wedding : 1/7/17)

Wedding Testimonials from Matteo & Katie

Dear Hong and Don,

I found Forest Productions to be extremely honest and helpful, especially as my booking was very close to my wedding date. Don was very cheerful and assisted everyone to look their best in the photos and spent time finding the perfect positions for us. We were very happy with our day and hope the pictures turn our just as wonderful as our experience.

Thanks we will recommend highly your services.

From : Katie and Matteo (Wedding : 30/6/17)

Wedding Testimonials from Simon & Liqin

Great service and wonderful experience with Don! The shoot was extremely comfortable and Don is very easy to work with guiding us every step of the way.. He is good at cracking jokes, the kids love him and even my dog sat still for him. There are so many beautiful, crazy, funny, emotional moments on the wedding day that he managed to capture all. Thank you Don so much! What are we gonna do without you....Haha!

From : Simon and Liqin (Wedding : 18/2/17)

Wedding Testimonials from Brooks & Brenda

Brooks and I would like to thank Christopher and you for doing such a wonderful job. Thanks for all the guidance and assistance that you have provided. I hope you had a great rest last night. 

From : Brooks and Brenda (Wedding : 7/1/17)

Wedding Testimonials from Lee En & Andrea

Kudos for Benjamin and Christopher for doing a tremendous job on our wedding day. The movie-themed video was excellently shot - engaging and humorous, just the way we wanted. Our guests loved it so much that they asked for a copy of it after the wedding. The photographs were beautiful. We really liked Benjamin's story-telling style with a nice balance of photographs of bride and groom, as well as the guests. Both of them are so smiley and easy-going that they really put our guests at ease. Pre- and post-services are very prompt. Hong is super responsive to emails. We highly recommend Forest Productions for wedding VG and PG!

From : Lee En and Andrea (Wedding : 21/5/16)

Wedding Testimonials From Yanghao & Yvonne

We went to a lot of wedding fairs and shows, and met up with quite a few other vendors providing wedding photography services, but only Forest Productions had us seriously considering after the meetup. I still remember the first meet up with Don where he demo-ed your portfolios to us patiently, unlike other vendors who were more interested in telling us how good their deals (in terms of price) were rather than showing us their portfolios. We did subsequently meet up with both Ben and Chris, who were our actual day wedding photographer and actual day wedding videographer, and we did not doubt for a second that they were definitely good at what they do.

Fast forward to the actual day wedding, they had really good rapport with the entire bridal party and were good with kids (some photographers scare kids). They both guided us through the whole day’s rundown and gave some really good advice with the schedules.

We have not seen the rest of the video footage yet, but the SDE was really good and our guests were very impressed with the videos. We just went through the photos and we are also very pleased with them. We are glad to have engaged their services to capture the most important day in our lives.

From : Yanghao and Yvonne (Wedding : 30/5/16)

Wedding Testimonials From Ken & Jieyin

We are extremely pleased to have Benjamin as our actual day wedding photographer! Seeing the pictures definitely assured us that we have made the right choice to engage Forest Productions! We especially like Ben's style of capturing the special moments :)

Ben was very encouraging and chirpy throughout, which made our guests and us very comfortable. Many of our relatives and friends also made special mention about his commendable attitude!

We would like to take this chance to say a very BIG THANK YOU to Ben. Keep up the good attitude and good work! Keep chasing your dreams! You have participated in so many weddings and it will finally be your turn soon. Happy marriage to you and most importantly, enjoy the process!!

From : Ken and Jieyin
(Wedding : 27/2/16)

Wedding Testimonials From Diana & Junjie

We are glad to have engage both Don and Chris as our photographer and videographer. Both of them are friendly, easy to work with and thus make us feel very comfortable during the shoot.  Don is experience and meticulous, he will guide us how to pose and advise us on the Chinese Customary. Big thump up to Chris for our wedding highlight Video.  All our guests enjoy it and have a good laugh.  We receive many good feedback from our guests on the wedding highlight video and making us feel the money was well spent in engaging Chris.

Thank you Don and Chris for your effort and taking time to make sure everything was nicely done.

Highly recommended!!!  Kudos for the excellent job and book it earlier before the slot is take

From: Junjie and Diana (Wedding : 4 /12/15)

Wedding Testimonials From Jinyong & Sabrina

We're glad to have chosen Don and Chris as our photographer and videographer!

Don was very meticulous and had an eye for details. I haven't seen all the photos yet but based on the sneak previews we see from Chris's wedding highlights video and the one he uploaded on Facebook, we are confident that they will turn out beautiful. Don wasn't just our photographer that day - he helped us with the Chinese customs, made sure my gown was okay, and many more. Thank you for the excellent service!

Kudos to Chris for our wedding highlights video. All my guests enjoyed it and had a good laugh that night. Many asked for your contact and said I had engaged the right person and that it was money well spent. Thank you for taking the time to meet us before the actual day and for giving us advice based on our itinerary. You doubled up as our wedding planner! Thank you for going the extra mile.

Highly recommended! No regrets choosing them. Looking forward to see all the photos and videos taken that day :)

From : Jinyong and Sabrina (Wedding : 27/2/16)