Help Planning An Actual Day Wedding Itinerary

The most frequent question we get when doing a presentation is, "How much time do I need to.......". So today, I am gonna help you with the itinerary planning.

Firstly, do take note of your auspicious timing (if any) and work forward or backwards. Say if you need to complete your wedding day's groom's side tea ceremony by 11am, then plan everything from there. I gonna list down the usual timing for each items below.

  1. Make Up - 1hr-2hrs (Depends on your makeup artist.)
  2. Gate Crash - 20-60mins (Its up to you, really! :P)
  3. Travel to Photoshoot - 10-40mins (Depends on where you go. Skip to no.5 if you prefer not shooting)
  4. Photo shoot - 20-60mins (Good to have)
  5. Travel to Groom's Place for Tea -  10-40mins (Depends on distance)
  6. Groom's side Tea Ceremony - 15-45 mins (Depends on the number of relatives)
  7. Change to Tea Dress - 5-15 mins (Depends on how fast you change. LOL)
  8. Travel to Religious Service - ?? (Depends on distance, Skip to 12 if there's none)
  9. Reception to Religious Service - 15-30 mins (Depends on the number of guest)
  10. Religious Service - 30-60 mins
  11. Lunch Reception / Tea Ceremony - 15-60 mins (Some couple morning activities ends here.)
  12. Travel to Bride's Place for Tea -  10-40mins (Depends on distance)
  13. Brides's Tea Ceremony - 15-45 mins (Depends on the number of relatives)

This is pretty much what a regular actual day wedding will look like. Please email me if you find things missing from the above list so that I can update the list. 

More : I'm gonna add a dinner plan to this list shortly and also preparing a file to share with everyone so that the planning can go smoothly. Stay tuned!