What kind of edit do I do.

Why is it important to put your photos thru Adobe Lightroom (LR) and Photoshop (PS). There are many hidden details in the photo that require LR and PS to bring out. 

Lets look at the photo below (click on the photo if you need a bigger view), look at the arch in the middle of the photo. Notice the before photo the wall is barely visible? Using LR, I'm able to bring out what is hidden there. PS is also used to remove the unwanted items in the photo like the security cam and the speakers, the overall image is a lot cleaner. I also straighten the lines and edited the exposure to make sure that your eyes are locked on to the subject as soon as you look at the photo.

The photo below is another example of how to get the most out of our modern day camera using LR and PS. The shot is deliberately shot under exposed to retained the most information. I subsequently put the image thru LR and PS to extract all the details. After which, I edited the tone and temperature to make it look like its taken during sunset.

Thats the reason why you have to wait a bit before getting your photos because sometimes I use more than 1 hour on a photo. And this is also why I never ever return the Raw images...

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