Guide to Selecting a Wedding Photographer and Videographer | Part One

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer and Videographer in Singapore | Part One

Weddings... a ceremony where two lovers are joined in marriage. As sweet as that might sound, unfortunately, the perfect wedding isn't going to plan itself. Many factors come into bear: cost, price, budgets, the works. However, not everything share equal importance in a wedding. There are three categories of people you must have at your wedding, and fortunately (or unfortunately), they have the power to make or break it. If you are able to find all three, your wedding will not only run smoothly, but it will be unforgettable.

Professional Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Many couples underestimate the importance of finding a professional wedding photographer and videographer. Ever since camera manufacturers began selling professional equipment at affordable prices, a steady influx of wedding photographers and videographers started entering the wedding scene. As a result, the market has become saturated; the choices are endless. However, not all wedding photographers and videographers are created equally, but we'll get more into that soon.

At this juncture, a paramount question beckons:

In a market saturated with wedding photographers and videographers, how does one select a wedding photographer and videographer to document the most important day of their lives?

Here at Forest Productions, we educate all our clients to make their selection based on '3-Ps'. So, get's get right to it.

Wedding of Melvin and Lyn. Image taken at Keppel Club

Wedding of Melvin and Lyn. Image taken at Keppel Club


a. get them to show you TWO full wedding album (not just the highlights);

It's easy to get 3-4 great shots on an actual wedding day. However, you are not booking a wedding photographer just for those 3-4 great shots. You need an entire set of wedding images.

Try not to make a decision based solely on the highlights of a wedding photographer and videographer, but rather at the entirety of his portfolio.

b. check how familiar they are with wedding customaries;

We all only get married once, and most of us have no clue as to what goes where and why. With any luck, your wedding photographer and videographer might know the customs pretty well.

E.g., During the tea ceremony, who sits on the left and on the right? What items does a bride need on hand before leaving her home? Things to note during the veiling of the bride and hair combing ritual? What is the tradition of lighting the phoenix candle?

c. ask how much Photoshop do they apply to their images;

There is no lack of horrid wedding images where the wedding photographer applies excessive photoshop to a sky so purple the shot was probably taken on Mars, and grass so green it's probably only found in the amazon jungle. Yes, we exaggerate but you get the drift.

d. are you comfortable with their shooting style and post processing techniques.

Shooting styles can range from photojournalistic wedding coverage to the 'posey' / directed shots. Which shooting style do you prefer: candids or formals?

Post processing techniques refers to the colour treatment, exposure, and contrast. All the things done in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to bring an image to life.

Wedding of Ken and Jieyin. Image taken at Bukit Panjang Park

Wedding of Ken and Jieyin. Image taken at Bukit Panjang Park

These 4 points are some things you may like to talk about during the initial first consult with your wedding photographer and videographer.


In the near future, we will be revealing the next '2-Ps' on How to select a Wedding Photographer and Videographer in Singapore. In the mean time, feel free to leave us any comments or ask us questions. We'd be more than happy to help you out. You can even write to us at

This is the first instalment of How to select a Wedding Photographer and Videographer in Singapore, and we hope you found it useful.

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