We chose Don to do our video because we saw a friend's video and it was really funny. Initially, we were concerned that Don might use the same jokes such as the 4D bridal car license plate. But, after seeing our expressed highlights, we were really very happy with the result. I especially liked the effects he created with the Totoro soft toys in my house as well as the humour he injected for the gatecrashing. No regrets in choosing Don for our video!

 Regards, Shirley & Benedict (Wedding : 22/5/10)

For jonathan's hard work that day I thank him once again, his camera angles I thought were very sharp and excellent, though I've not seen all the videos taken by him yet, I am sure without a doubt that his skill set and level of creativity will ensure my special day has had a good eye on it. His editing for the express highlights was flawless and I felt he captured the moment very well.

 Sincerely, Jonathan Woon (Wedding : 28/5/10) 

Hi Don and Jonathan

Jack and I saw the videos and photos! We absolutely loved the photos and the videos!

Thank you guys so much! It was definitely a joy to work with you guys!  

From: Jack and Jasmine (Wedding date: 25/2/10)

Dear Don,

We are really grateful to have such a professional team with us throughout our wedding day. Everyone felt so at ease with you & we are absolutely glad that we have made the right choice.

The 'Live photography & instant print' service was a blast among the inivited guests, & they were so well entertained throughout the night. Thank you once again for everything you & your team have done for us!

Cheers, Francis & Huiling (Wedding : 17/4/10)

Dear Don

Have view all the videos. They are all well done! Thanks for the effort. You are best & professional VG! Your work is excellent & great. Well done. My friends & family love your montage & morning highlights. Will recommend friends. Thank you for everything. Take Care.

Love, Kenny & Wenda (Wedding date : 30/12/09)

 Hi Jon,

Yap love the video's cheerful outcome which really made our guests burst out in laughters. It portrayed the very genuine us and certainly helped us in keeping the precious moments through the day in our memories. Thank you for your effort Jon!

Cheers, Jaime and Aaron (Wedding : 10/1/10)

Hi Don!

Many many thanks for the splendid montage that you have done for us!

It has indeed liven up the entire banquet with lotsa laughters and carved a very deep impression to our guests!! All of them enjoyed and raved about it!!

A big THANK YOU to you and your partner! =D

Looking forward to see the remaining video, also with the DSLR effects!!  

Cheers, Chin and Crystal (Wedding : 16/1/10)

Hi Don/Annie,

Firstly, just wana express my thanks to you guys for your help on my big day. The express highlights was very well done and my guests enjoyed it.  


From : Dominic & Yanping (Wedding date : 13/12/09)

Dear Don and Annie,

Thank you very much for the morning highlights video clip you made for us on 29 November 2009. We have received very good feedback from our guests - that you managed to capture our moments as well as the mood in our video clip.

We look forward to seeing the rest of the video soon  

Once again, thank you very much!

From : Leroy & Pear (Wedding : 29/11/09)

Hi Jonathan

We are very happy with your services during our wedding day on 14 Nov 2009. One word "GOOD!!!" describe all! My jie meis and xiong dis are very happy chatting and "working" with you and our photographer. We all have lotsa fun time and unforgettable memories that day since morning till night! I simply leave my big day to you with no worries!!

Our Relatives & friends loves the Express MTV you did for us! Its something different from other videographer. My friend likes your work and even requested your contacts to engage your help.?

We look forward to see more of your products and hope to see you soon! Keep in contacts  All the best Jon!!

...regards! Weiwen & Phoebe (Wedding date : 14/11/09)

For me, Don was more than a videographer. I considered him as part of the brothers entourage. He added alot of humour and gamely went along with the elaborate sabos prepared by my wife's sisters,...like climbing 19 storeys iwith us in search of post-its. His easy going nature also endeared him to our relatives and friends. His presence definitely made it all the more fun for us.

Our wedding banquet was also a huge success and we enjoyed tremendously every minute of it. One major aspect was because Don did a fantastic job on the express highlights. The video was well received by our guests. Don truly has a keen eye for detail, superbly capturing all the little nuances and events of the day and creatively condensing it.

We strongly recommend Don to all wedding couples.

Sincerely, Jason & Wanyu (Wedding : 16/11/09)

Dear Don. Thank you for being a great videographer on our wedding day! Many thanks to Eve and Annie as well for all the coordinating before and after our wedding. We are sure we will be enjoying the video. And Yes, we enjoyed the video and to date, I have watched it about 5 times!"


From : Peter & Jaimei (Wedding date : 27/9/09)

The video highlights were extremely well done. Our guests enjoyed it as much as we do! Jonathan was very creative in it, and it was truly a memorable express highlight. Jonathan was also very professional during our wedding, and guide us well on what to do. Thank you for being with us on that day!"

From : Waxus & Iris (Wedding Date : 18/10/09)

Hi Don, Alex,

Thanks for your excellent service for my wedding in July. The highlight clip was fantastic and i'm really impressed that you captured a lot of photos with interesting expressions!

Thanks Don, your express highlight is fantastic. Really love it and can't wait to see the rest of the video. Thanks!

 From : Robin and Faye (Wedding : 16/5/09)

Hi Don,

Both me & my wife would like to thank you as you have really done an excellent job. The express highlights played during the dinner was simply fantastic, even I myself nearly burst into tears watching the video. All my relatives and friends also commented that the video was very well taken. The video really meant alot for both me & my wife. Once again, I would like to thank you for the hard work. Cheers~!

 Thank you.

 Best Regards, Guowei & Yanfang (Wedding on 9/5/09)

Helo Eve, Don & Alex

Thanks for the great job. Realli enjoyed myself. Alex's morning edit is very good. Look forward to see the video and pics.  

From : Cindy & Steven (Wedding on 26/4/09)

Hi Don

 First of all, thank you for all your help during our 2 days of wedding, being a "wedding consultant" and the "lighting man"! We all love the video express, you guys did a great job! Thank you.

warm regards, Sophia & Abhijit (Wedding on 17 & 18/4/09)

 "Hi Don,

Jenny and Andy here. Just wanted to say a great big thank you for your wonderful express highlight! Everybody says its hilarious n enjoyed it. One of my friend even ask for your contact..U r good man..Cheers!

Once again, a great big thanks to you! You make the whole morning event so humorous & lively, everyone said videographer is good.. glad i stick to my decision to engage you.. keke"

 From : Jenny and Andy (Wedding date : 19/3/09)

Thanks alot Don and Eve,

Thanks for the wonderful photos, especially the "waterfall" picture you took of my gown at the hotel.Our families are all praise of you for your chirpy and humourous attitude throughout the day  Glad we had you.

From : LK & Jean


WE LOVE THEM! Really Love them!

Thank you Don, Alex & Eve!

 From : Kenny & Huey (Wedding on 1 Feb 09)