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Christopher had did a tremendously wonderful job on our wedding day! We had originally requested for cinematography style but had decided to change to something light hearted and funny just 1 week before the wedding. Christopher made efforts to discuss with us about the kind of SDE we wanted Unlike the usual kind of SDE, ours consist of humour.. sweetness and warm and he had managed to capture every moment so perfectly.. The SDE turns out to be exceptionally good on that night! Our guests and us were pleasantly pleased with the SDE and we had posted the video on facebook at the request of many of our friends! (Some wanted to re-watch, some who did not attend wanted to see because it has received so much compliments!) Thank you Christopher for the great service rendered to us and you have indeed made our wedding day extraordinary! 

From : JJ & Regine (Wedding : 26/9/15)

Many thanks to Don and Christopher for beautifully capturing memories of our wedding!

Despite having a packed schedule just before a lunch wedding, Don and Christopher accommodated to our needs by arriving punctually on that early Saturday morning. They even spent time with us before the actual day to run through the program so that everything would be smooth. Not only us but our guests were also impressed by Christopher's ability to create a crisp video of the morning highlights within such a short span of time! Don's professionalism also showed when he wasted no time in arranging our guests for nicer group photos, and guided us on what to do at various points.

It is a misconception that couples need to spend a bomb on quality, because Forest Productions will spare no effort in giving you the best quality, yet they are one of the most affordable. Look no further.

With much appreciation,
From : Yee Siang & Mei Wei (Wedding: 8/8/15)

Thank you Forest Productions!

Don and Christopher are great, my guests love both the photo and the video and your service are fantastic. We love it and we really enjoyed our day with your help.

There's people asking for your contact, hope this will bring your more business.


From : Adam & Eeleen (Wedding : 2/5/14)

Dear Forest Productions crew...

To Eve + Hong,

Thank you for being the main contact persons in answering our queries rather quickly. Your professionalism and warmth are truly appreciated!

To Don & Christopher, ,

Thank you for your dedication, professionalism and effort in capturing our wedding moments wonderfully!

Don is sincere and approachable with good PR skills, making people feel at ease!

Christopher did a great job especially for our church shooting and SDE editing. Uniquely different from the rests of your works and it's a good thing!

We really enjoy rewatching the videos and photos again and again!

One of the best decisions made to engage Forest Productions to shoot for our wedding day! Thumbs up!

Best regards and God bless, Seng Howe & Irene (Wedding date: 21/12/13)

Hi Christopher,

Thank you so much for doing up such a great video for our wedding! The morning highlight especially turned out to be fantastic and gathered lots of compliments from the guests

We personally love the video a lot and really appreciate the effort put in by Christopher! Big thanks to Forest Production for capturing all the wonderful memories and making the wedding a great one!

Happy new year to you and all the best to Forest Production

Regards, Kok Toong and Hui Sing (Wedding Date : 30/11/13)

Hi Chris,

Both Kuo Xiang and I are really pleased with our SDE and of course your amiability, helpfulness and professionalism. Based on the response of our guests and ourselves struggling to contain our laughter behind the ballroom door, I'm sure everyone enjoyed the video as much as we do. Thank you for creating such a joyful & memorable clip for us! I would definitely recommend your service to people I know.

From : Kuo Xiang & Prescelia (Wedding Date : 24/11/13)

Hello Chris,

Hope all is good for you.

We have fond memories of our wedding day. Thanks to Christopher of Forest Productions! He is very sociable, able to communicate and plan well with our own photographer on that day itself. We feel very comfortable and really enjoyed ourselves with the peace of mind that the video and photo sides are well taken of. Indeed, the works are great! We received good feedbacks and enquiries on who helped us on the videography. Thank you, FP!

From : Terence & Rachael (Wedding : 15/9/13)

Huge thanks and appreciation to Don, Christopher & Crews of Forest Productions

Thank you for capturing our precious moments so beautifully. We love the same day edit video so much, especially where photos were added in the video that we couldn’t help ourselves but kept re-watching it. It has been a rough day for both of you to run/climb up & down from corners to corners and before sunrise to after sunset just to capture the right moments from the right angles, we really appreciate it. Thank you for all the experienced & professional advices given to us during our wedding day to ensure we made no mistakes and to perfect our day.

We truly enjoyed the most important/crazy/stressful day of our lives and we are grateful that you guys are part of it.

Once again, we will like to say a great thank you to Don & Christopher.

 Regards, Johnny & Blue (Wedding Date: 15th/6/13)

Hi Chris,We really want say a BIG THANK YOU to you for being our videographer on 23 Jun 13.The service you have provided has far exceeded our expectation, from the beginning, to preparation and AD event, you have displayed excellent professionalism and the always pro-activeness and helpfulness to guide us through. Needless to say, we are very please with your services and will definitely recommend to our friends for Forest Production.Chris, keep up the good work and all the best!

From : Andy & Peijun (Wedding : 23/6/13)

Our sincere thanks to Jonathan and Forest Productions team.

You have delivered a wonderful morning express highlight that left our guests smiling away when it was screened during Thanks Don, Christopher and Hong for all the extra miles that you guys have put in for Kelvin and I. When we first viewed Chris's work, we liked it so much that we actually sold off our original VG/PG package to sign up with Forest Productions and it's a decision I'd never regret. From the point we met up to my actual day, I'm thankful to have this professional team to follow up with me throughout all the details, from giving suggestion of the timing on the morning of the actual day to the dinner banquet, the type of video I would like to have to small details like the songs being used for my express highlights.

Thank you Chris, for being able to rush out for our express highlight despite the tight schedule. We were really held in suspense the entire day not knowing if the express highlight will turn out to be something we like. Being Chris, he made it even better. Our highlight was so funny that all my guest complimented it. Our family members watched it umpteen times and never felt tired watching it. Not forgetting Don, who gave so much suggestions to us for our time / schedule arrangements. The superb photographer who didn't hesitate to go down on all fours to take great pictures of us and the one who managed to finish the entire photo-taking of 35 tables in 30 mins. Lastly Hong, who took the initiative to call me and discuss the schedule and arrangements for our actual day.

We are thankful to have you all to be part of our wedding journey and heartfelt thanks for capturing such wondering memories for us.


From : Kelvin and Jessin  (Wedding : 5/1/13)

Our sincere thanks to Jonathan and Forest Productions team. 
You have delivered a wonderful morning express highlight that left our guests smiling away when it was screened during the dinner banquet. We have many friends coming to us to get your contact details. 

Thank you Forest Productions for capturing our best moments in life.

From : Joon Hong & Amelia (Wedding : 11/11/12)

Hi Christopher,

Thanks alot for the wonderful video. We really like it very much!

Initially we were worried that we might not have enough scenes to do the kind of express highlight that we wanted. It is a suspense for us. We didnt know what will be the outcome of those shots. When we were watching the express highlight, the result is excellent! The video outcome is what we wanted and it's even better than what we thought. Even with some unexpected constraint of the environment and timing, You are able to get the required shots to cater to our express highlight. All of our guests enjoyed the professionally edited video. Me and Weilin does not feel bored watching it even after replaying it for 10 times! I totally love the part where the recap scenes fading into my left eye and then i close my eyes.

Thanks Christopher for helping us to create this memorable and fun video, making us the lead actor and actress of the day!

Regards, Neon and Weilin (Wedding : 10/6/12)

 Hi Don, Jonathan and Hong, 

Just want to say a big thank you to all of you for providing such great service.

Many people commented about how experienced Don was, giving us guidance throughout the day, and of course taking great pictures. I also received great reviews for the video made by Jonathan, saying it was well-edited. You really took in our wish to make a "happy" video. In fact, we received a few enquiries on which company did we engage as they are interested!  

And thank you Hong and Don, for adjusting the instant print banner for me. We also didn't expect to see all the funny props for our guests to play with. Everybody is very happy with the photos they received on that evening. So thanks for that as well.

From : Zhi Wei & Ya Ling (Wedding : 5/5/12)

 Dear Don

btw.. thanks for such nice footages.... love your video lots.... thanks for the memories.... frankly speaking.. it totally exceeded my expectation.... thanks a great deal! will definately recommend you to my frns.. thanks for been so honest with us..and saving $$ for us.. really appreciate it lots...and really.. thanks for going rounds 'forcing' ppl to wish us..haha.. thanks lots.. for everything..   

Best Regards, Cheryl & Nicholas (Wedding : 29/2/12)

Dear Chris


No other words can decribe the appreciation we have to you. All the guests love the SDE a lot. it is all your efforts. Really, thank you.

Regards, Yvaine (Wedding date : 25/2/12)

Hi Christopher,

Many thanks to you for being a part in making our wedding day a remarkable one. Given the short time frame to prepare the SDE, you managed to deliver the DVD to the hotel on time with satisfactory express highlights!

What’s more, some of my brothers/sisters were impressed that the express highlights turns out fantastic despite the rushing gate crashing segment. How cool!

Two Thumbs Up for u ^_^

With my warmest regards, Tan Li Ling (Wedding date : 19/2/12)

Thanks for making my BIG DAY a fun, enjoyable and memorable one. A million thanks to Jonathan for doing a great job for the whole day. Even though schedule were tight that day, Jonathan managed to rush back to film my solemnisation. I'm really happy, satisfied and touched by his professionalism.

For all bride-to-be, Forest Production will be one you can trust and rely on  .

From : Hansen & Sheralyn (Wedding : 12/2/12)

Hi Chris, 

We would like to express our sincere thank for making our big day such an enjoyable and smooth one. Our morning highlight was well liked by all our guests and had added many laughters to the evening. Thank you once again for an awesome job done! =P 

Cheers, Jake & Phyllis (Wedding : 5/1/12)