Wedding Testimonials From Kimmy & Kai Xiang

A big thank you to Don and Christopher for capturing beautiful moments on our wedding day!

Thank you Chris for taking time to meet us two weeks before our wedding day to discuss our itinerary and also giving us advices on our queries. Thank you for your effort to rush the SDE within a short time frame. You did a great job for the morning highlights even thou the gate crash session was ‘kinda’ short. Our guests enjoyed the video very much!

Thank you Don for your professionalism and guidance in helping us to capture the best angle shot throughout the whole event. Not forgetting your sense of humor to make my guests smile during the photo taking session.

Last but not least, thank you Eve for your great customer service, following up with us before and after the wedding to make sure we are satisfied with the service.

We received many good compliments for both your service and will definitely recommend forest production to our friends!


From : Kimmy and Kai xiang ( 10.10.15)

Wedding Testimonials From Rachel & Gim Hunt

Don and Chris has been a wonderful videographer and photographer to work with , very trustworthy, experienced , know how to lead the moods and committed duo ! 

Would like to complement eve for her good coordination and follow up too ! 

When I see my wedding SDE , I am very impressed with the efficiency and the quality of video , totally what I wanted and exceeding my expectations too ! 

Definitely will recommend to anyone heading for capturing of wedding moments !

Thumbs up ! Keep up the great work that captures special moments ! 

Thank you very much, am grateful for helping us create such a wonderful memories! 

From : Rachel and Gim Hunt (Wedding : 3/1/16)

Wedding Testimonials From Aaron & Mindy

I would highly recommend Forest Productions to all who are keen in creating special videos effects and photos for their wedding. My wedding highlights was very well done and I love all the special effects added in.

Christopher's editing skill is legendary, the video transitions are neatly done up, all the different segments and elements of the day event are will summarise into a lovely story plot! This indeed defined as a high level Morning Highlights, making my wedding memory the most unforgettable one!

Don is very experienced and pro in guiding and advising us for the whole day, he can even catch the attentions of the kids who refuses to look into the camera!

Looking forward to see my photos and whole day videos soon.


From : Aaron & Mindy (Wedding : 12/12/15)

Wedding Testimonials From Jensen & Phyllis

First and all, we will like to thanks Christopher and Don for the excellent and wonderful job on our wedding day. Thank you for capturing the unforgettable moments. Thank you for making us looking great ;p. Thank you for the awesome service, keep it going. :)

Although we have not yet collected any of our photos and video, and looking forward to hear from you guys soon , but however, the special highlight we received a lot of great feedback from our guest. We will highly introduce both of your service to our friends and relatives.

We look forward seeing both of you soon.
Have a nice day ahead.

Thank you.
From : Jensen & Phyllis (Wedding : 24/10/15)


Wedding Testimonials From Seok Yin & Edwin

Don and Christopher were very professional and did a fantastic job for our wedding. Special thanks to Christopher for his creative morning highlights video which everyone loved. Also, what a lovely coincidence & surprise to meet Benjamin the photographer who was a brother of our close friend who could not attend our wedding. A lovely team that made the day even more special & enjoyable. Thank you for the hardwork!

From : Seok Yin & Edwin (Wedding : 3/10/15)

Wedding Testimonials From Yee Siang & Mei Wei

In most cases of lunch weddings, there are many things couples have to give up due to their packed schedule. Working with Forest Productions, we didn't have to sacrifice anything for a perfect wedding day. We even had time to stop by ECP for a quick photoshoot, where Don captured beautiful photos for us and touched them up with his well-honed editing skills. Not a lot of videographers are able to produce same-day edits for a lunch wedding, but Christopher pulled it off professionally. He was even able to insert footage from our solemnisation just 3 hours before the highlights were screened, and also helped to film our a capella march-in.

I strongly recommend friends searching for wedding photography/videography services to take a look at their portfolio. Not only do they deliver in terms of quality, but more importantly (to me), their comprehensive packages certainly won't burn a hole in your pocket.

From : Yee Siang and Mei Wei (Wedding : 8/8/15)

Wedding Photography Singapore Testimonials - Older Posts

Christopher had did a tremendously wonderful job on our wedding day! We had originally requested for cinematography style but had decided to change to something light hearted and funny just 1 week before the wedding. Christopher made efforts to discuss with us about the kind of SDE we wanted Unlike the usual kind of SDE, ours consist of humour.. sweetness and warm and he had managed to capture every moment so perfectly.. The SDE turns out to be exceptionally good on that night! Our guests and us were pleasantly pleased with the SDE and we had posted the video on facebook at the request of many of our friends! (Some wanted to re-watch, some who did not attend wanted to see because it has received so much compliments!) Thank you Christopher for the great service rendered to us and you have indeed made our wedding day extraordinary! 

From : JJ & Regine (Wedding : 26/9/15)

Many thanks to Don and Christopher for beautifully capturing memories of our wedding!

Despite having a packed schedule just before a lunch wedding, Don and Christopher accommodated to our needs by arriving punctually on that early Saturday morning. They even spent time with us before the actual day to run through the program so that everything would be smooth. Not only us but our guests were also impressed by Christopher's ability to create a crisp video of the morning highlights within such a short span of time! Don's professionalism also showed when he wasted no time in arranging our guests for nicer group photos, and guided us on what to do at various points.

It is a misconception that couples need to spend a bomb on quality, because Forest Productions will spare no effort in giving you the best quality, yet they are one of the most affordable. Look no further.

With much appreciation,
From : Yee Siang & Mei Wei (Wedding: 8/8/15)

Thank you Forest Productions!

Don and Christopher are great, my guests love both the photo and the video and your service are fantastic. We love it and we really enjoyed our day with your help.

There's people asking for your contact, hope this will bring your more business.


From : Adam & Eeleen (Wedding : 2/5/14)

Dear Forest Productions crew...

To Eve + Hong,

Thank you for being the main contact persons in answering our queries rather quickly. Your professionalism and warmth are truly appreciated!

To Don & Christopher, ,

Thank you for your dedication, professionalism and effort in capturing our wedding moments wonderfully!

Don is sincere and approachable with good PR skills, making people feel at ease!

Christopher did a great job especially for our church shooting and SDE editing. Uniquely different from the rests of your works and it's a good thing!

We really enjoy rewatching the videos and photos again and again!

One of the best decisions made to engage Forest Productions to shoot for our wedding day! Thumbs up!

Best regards and God bless, Seng Howe & Irene (Wedding date: 21/12/13)

Hi Christopher,

Thank you so much for doing up such a great video for our wedding! The morning highlight especially turned out to be fantastic and gathered lots of compliments from the guests

We personally love the video a lot and really appreciate the effort put in by Christopher! Big thanks to Forest Production for capturing all the wonderful memories and making the wedding a great one!

Happy new year to you and all the best to Forest Production

Regards, Kok Toong and Hui Sing (Wedding Date : 30/11/13)

Hi Chris,

Both Kuo Xiang and I are really pleased with our SDE and of course your amiability, helpfulness and professionalism. Based on the response of our guests and ourselves struggling to contain our laughter behind the ballroom door, I'm sure everyone enjoyed the video as much as we do. Thank you for creating such a joyful & memorable clip for us! I would definitely recommend your service to people I know.

From : Kuo Xiang & Prescelia (Wedding Date : 24/11/13)

Hello Chris,

Hope all is good for you.

We have fond memories of our wedding day. Thanks to Christopher of Forest Productions! He is very sociable, able to communicate and plan well with our own photographer on that day itself. We feel very comfortable and really enjoyed ourselves with the peace of mind that the video and photo sides are well taken of. Indeed, the works are great! We received good feedbacks and enquiries on who helped us on the videography. Thank you, FP!

From : Terence & Rachael (Wedding : 15/9/13)

Huge thanks and appreciation to Don, Christopher & Crews of Forest Productions

Thank you for capturing our precious moments so beautifully. We love the same day edit video so much, especially where photos were added in the video that we couldn’t help ourselves but kept re-watching it. It has been a rough day for both of you to run/climb up & down from corners to corners and before sunrise to after sunset just to capture the right moments from the right angles, we really appreciate it. Thank you for all the experienced & professional advices given to us during our wedding day to ensure we made no mistakes and to perfect our day.

We truly enjoyed the most important/crazy/stressful day of our lives and we are grateful that you guys are part of it.

Once again, we will like to say a great thank you to Don & Christopher.

 Regards, Johnny & Blue (Wedding Date: 15th/6/13)

Hi Chris,We really want say a BIG THANK YOU to you for being our videographer on 23 Jun 13.The service you have provided has far exceeded our expectation, from the beginning, to preparation and AD event, you have displayed excellent professionalism and the always pro-activeness and helpfulness to guide us through. Needless to say, we are very please with your services and will definitely recommend to our friends for Forest Production.Chris, keep up the good work and all the best!

From : Andy & Peijun (Wedding : 23/6/13)

Our sincere thanks to Jonathan and Forest Productions team.

You have delivered a wonderful morning express highlight that left our guests smiling away when it was screened during Thanks Don, Christopher and Hong for all the extra miles that you guys have put in for Kelvin and I. When we first viewed Chris's work, we liked it so much that we actually sold off our original VG/PG package to sign up with Forest Productions and it's a decision I'd never regret. From the point we met up to my actual day, I'm thankful to have this professional team to follow up with me throughout all the details, from giving suggestion of the timing on the morning of the actual day to the dinner banquet, the type of video I would like to have to small details like the songs being used for my express highlights.

Thank you Chris, for being able to rush out for our express highlight despite the tight schedule. We were really held in suspense the entire day not knowing if the express highlight will turn out to be something we like. Being Chris, he made it even better. Our highlight was so funny that all my guest complimented it. Our family members watched it umpteen times and never felt tired watching it. Not forgetting Don, who gave so much suggestions to us for our time / schedule arrangements. The superb photographer who didn't hesitate to go down on all fours to take great pictures of us and the one who managed to finish the entire photo-taking of 35 tables in 30 mins. Lastly Hong, who took the initiative to call me and discuss the schedule and arrangements for our actual day.

We are thankful to have you all to be part of our wedding journey and heartfelt thanks for capturing such wondering memories for us.


From : Kelvin and Jessin  (Wedding : 5/1/13)

Our sincere thanks to Jonathan and Forest Productions team. 
You have delivered a wonderful morning express highlight that left our guests smiling away when it was screened during the dinner banquet. We have many friends coming to us to get your contact details. 

Thank you Forest Productions for capturing our best moments in life.

From : Joon Hong & Amelia (Wedding : 11/11/12)

Hi Christopher,

Thanks alot for the wonderful video. We really like it very much!

Initially we were worried that we might not have enough scenes to do the kind of express highlight that we wanted. It is a suspense for us. We didnt know what will be the outcome of those shots. When we were watching the express highlight, the result is excellent! The video outcome is what we wanted and it's even better than what we thought. Even with some unexpected constraint of the environment and timing, You are able to get the required shots to cater to our express highlight. All of our guests enjoyed the professionally edited video. Me and Weilin does not feel bored watching it even after replaying it for 10 times! I totally love the part where the recap scenes fading into my left eye and then i close my eyes.

Thanks Christopher for helping us to create this memorable and fun video, making us the lead actor and actress of the day!

Regards, Neon and Weilin (Wedding : 10/6/12)

 Hi Don, Jonathan and Hong, 

Just want to say a big thank you to all of you for providing such great service.

Many people commented about how experienced Don was, giving us guidance throughout the day, and of course taking great pictures. I also received great reviews for the video made by Jonathan, saying it was well-edited. You really took in our wish to make a "happy" video. In fact, we received a few enquiries on which company did we engage as they are interested!  

And thank you Hong and Don, for adjusting the instant print banner for me. We also didn't expect to see all the funny props for our guests to play with. Everybody is very happy with the photos they received on that evening. So thanks for that as well.

From : Zhi Wei & Ya Ling (Wedding : 5/5/12)

 Dear Don

btw.. thanks for such nice footages.... love your video lots.... thanks for the memories.... frankly speaking.. it totally exceeded my expectation.... thanks a great deal! will definately recommend you to my frns.. thanks for been so honest with us..and saving $$ for us.. really appreciate it lots...and really.. thanks for going rounds 'forcing' ppl to wish us..haha.. thanks lots.. for everything..   

Best Regards, Cheryl & Nicholas (Wedding : 29/2/12)

Dear Chris


No other words can decribe the appreciation we have to you. All the guests love the SDE a lot. it is all your efforts. Really, thank you.

Regards, Yvaine (Wedding date : 25/2/12)

Hi Christopher,

Many thanks to you for being a part in making our wedding day a remarkable one. Given the short time frame to prepare the SDE, you managed to deliver the DVD to the hotel on time with satisfactory express highlights!

What’s more, some of my brothers/sisters were impressed that the express highlights turns out fantastic despite the rushing gate crashing segment. How cool!

Two Thumbs Up for u ^_^

With my warmest regards, Tan Li Ling (Wedding date : 19/2/12)

Thanks for making my BIG DAY a fun, enjoyable and memorable one. A million thanks to Jonathan for doing a great job for the whole day. Even though schedule were tight that day, Jonathan managed to rush back to film my solemnisation. I'm really happy, satisfied and touched by his professionalism.

For all bride-to-be, Forest Production will be one you can trust and rely on  .

From : Hansen & Sheralyn (Wedding : 12/2/12)

Hi Chris, 

We would like to express our sincere thank for making our big day such an enjoyable and smooth one. Our morning highlight was well liked by all our guests and had added many laughters to the evening. Thank you once again for an awesome job done! =P 

Cheers, Jake & Phyllis (Wedding : 5/1/12)

Dear Christopher,

Brenda and I feel very blessed and fortunate to have you as our videographer on our wedding day! We truly believe that we could not find another better videographer than you! ^_^

We found our communication with you very comfortable. You have more expertise than us in the area of videography but you were open and willing to hear and discuss with us when we raised our suggestions to you.

Despite your role as a videographer, you provided us with advice beyond videography, such as on the wedding traditions and customs. Both of us, including our helpers were very impressed by your knowledge and how you were able to remember to guide us through the proper procedures which most of our senior family members were not even aware of!

We also appreciate your punctuality, professionalism and ability to look out for details. We observed that you would always check your shots and take time out to review and see if there would be any need for a re-take. In addition, you would guide us on how we could do better poses for the videos. Your express highlights were very impressive with a fine combination of a romantic atmosphere in the earlier part and comical effects in the later part! We also feel that the music you selected was perfect as it enhanced the effects of the video!

After the wedding, we received a lot of compliments about the dance and express highlights videos from our guests! They told us that they had much enjoyment and a great laugh while watching them. Our helpers also mentioned that they would consider engaging your services when it is their turn to get married. ^_^

Indeed, the services from you were beyond what we had expected! It was very professional and sincere and we could sense that you were working hard to give your best effort for our wedding, as if you were preparing a great wedding gift to us to be shown to our guests so that they could be impressed and will always remember our wedding. We must tell you that you have achieved that, as whenever we talked to our family or friends, they could still recall parts of the highlights which would bring a smile to their faces every time.

We will certainly recommend you to others who need wedding videography services! Should we have further need in future, we would also engage you again!

Last but not least, we wish to thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding such an memorable one!"

Warmest regards, Teck Hui and Brenda (Wedding : 2/1/12)

Dear Christopher,

We would like to thank you for being our wedding videographer capturing our most important day of our life.

We are really appreciative that you are very efficient in producing our morning highlights even though we had released you late.

The HD cinematic with funnier moments ie focus on gate crashing is a good combination. All our friends love the video and commented that the videograpgher are able to capture the right angles and the video is entertaining.

We had view the videos many times and it always bring back laughter! Thank you for the wonderful job. From the bottom of our hearts, we had no regrets signing up with Forest Production!

We wish you all the best in your career in 2012 and Happy New Year to you and your team!

Warmest Regards, Lawrence & Judy (Wedding : 23/12/1)

My hubby and I were hunting for a one-stop shop providing good quality actual day photography, videography and instant print services at an affordable price... And Forest Productions seemed to fit the bill! We were very happy with our choice as our friends all commented that the express highlights video was very well-taken and entertaining. The laminated instant photo cards were also beautifully taken and were great as momentos for our guests!

From : Eric & Jingxian (Wedding : 30/12/11)

 Hi Chris,

A big thank you and we really enjoy ourselves on our big day. Your express highlight brings a lot of joy and laughter to my guest in the dinner.

Once again fantastic job done !!! Two thumbs up

Thank you

 Best Regards, Neville & Zann (Wedding : 18/12/11)

Dear Eve, thank you so much to you and your team! It's a wonderful day with Don and Jonathan around!! I received plentiful of compliments from my friends and relatives on your service! I believe you will get some new businesses soon haha.. 

From : Lawrence & Kelyn (Wedding : 10/12/11)

Dear Christopher,

Thankyou for all the hardwork and time you have given on our wedding (If you still remmeber us).

We have seen many other great videographers but nothing compare to what you have done.

We love how you engage us with your many guidance, the little details in the video which have brought so many memories, and how after so many months the video is still as funny as ever!

We appreciate it very much and you have done a wonderful job!

Keep it up!

Regards, Jiahan & Peiern (Wedding : 6/12/11) 

Specially thanks to Jonathan for his amazing and gorgeous express highlight. It is so lovely and entertaining, we like it very much. Once again, thank you for your effort and hard work. 

From : Roys & Stephanie (Wedding : 2/10/11)

We are glad with Chris work. He is very professional and was able to do up a wonderful video for us in such a short time. My friends too praised his work. His way n angle of shooting is just wat we wanted. Thank you.

From : Caleb & Jasmine (Wedding Date : 20/11/2011) 

Thanks to Don & Jonathan who did a fantastic job for my wedding yesterday! The guest truly enjoyed the instant prints and the express highlight. : )

From : Tricia & Renjie (Wedding : 3/12/11)

Chris your cinematography has good sense of humour! Combined with great music and sound effects. Visual effects was good as well. Everyone enjoyed the wedding highlights video and you was very punctual (first to arrive). Will recommend to my friends!

From : Brandon & Pei Xuan (Wedding Date : 19/11/11)

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for the great services, creativity and surprises during our wedding!

Me & my husband love the video highlights. Our guests have even requested a re-telecast of the video!!!

Thank you so much for making our special day even more special.

With regards, Evie & Danny (Wedding date : 12 Nov 2011) 

Hi Chris

We had no clue where to start to looking for our VG so we started clicking randomly on the links from The samples that Forest Productions posted online immediately caught our attention together. We simply enjoyed the whole humour concept that they injected into their videos. We arranged for a meetup with Don and Chris and they showed us more updated samples (and I think they just got better and better!) so we decided on the spot that we will engaged them.

We were glad to engage Chris as our videographer for the actual day. He was prompt in replying to our requests prior the actual day, taking note of the songs we would like to have in the highlights video. On the actual day, he arrived early and immediately started filming. We could really see the passion and pride that Chris has for his work. He is very attentive to details and tried to capture shots from various angles in order to get the perfect shot. On the wedding night, we watched the highlights together with our guests and the whole ballroom is just filled with laughter. We even had some close relatives coming to us to request for the duplicate copies of the video!

Engaging Forest Productions as our VG is definitely one of the best decision that we've made for our wedding. We have been strongly recommending them to our friends who are getting married!

From : Steven & Shu Pei (Wedding date : 30 July 2011)

 Hi Chris,

Thanks a lot.

Will like to comment on your performance on our AD and our express highlights!.

All along we find communicating with Christopher a comfortable experience. Every queries that we sent to him were always replied promptly. He was very detailed even before our AD. He often contacted us to find out more about what we would like to be captured for our express highlights etc. He was very early at my place (bride) on our AD, reaching earlier than the timing I had told him to arrive. I find him very professional, detailed and patient and he would always guide us on the poses in front of the camera. For critical shots, he will always check through his work and if need be, he would advise us to re-take the shots so that we looked better in the videos. Even though I was very busy throughout the whole day, I did observe his initative to go around taking down videos of details he noticed. His after sales service, which is after our AD, is great! He has also constantly contacted me to inform me on the progress and details about our videos etc. For the express highlights, it was nicely done, and our guests and us love it! Thanks for creating those wonderful memories for us!

Looking forward to our dvds next week!

See ya soon!

From : Lawrence & Elektra (Wedding date : 8 October 2011)

 Hi Don & Christopher,

I think words really can't describe how blessed we felt with the both of you as our PG and VG. Your professionalism really made us feel at ease the whole day, not having to worry about our photos and videos not turning out good. From appearing on time early in the morning to keeping yourselves on your feet, looking out for good angles and locations for us to take nice photos, we really appreciate every little effort both of you have made to capture the wonderful moments of our special day. 

After the dinner, we had really good feedback about the instant prints and the express highlights. We especially loved the highlights that Chris has came up with. It totally went beyond our expectations! We have been watching it over and over again and it's still funny everytime we watched it.

The price we paid for your services was worth every cent. We will definitely recommend your services to our family and friends! May your hard work pay off...huat ah!!  

Cheers, Ryan & Christine Lim (Wedding : 22/10/11)

Hi Don,

The photos and DVDs were great. I've put some up on Facebook and lots of pple told me that the photography was fantastic.

The photos that were taken by Don were beautiful and the video that was shot by Jonathan captured all of the highlights of our wedding day. Choosing Forest Productions to provide us with photography and videography was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. We will highly recommend Forest Productions to all of our friends.

From : Nathaniel & Charmaine (Wedding date : 16/7/11)

Hi Christopher,

My husband and I do like your services.

Christopher, you were really helpful. You produced exactly what we have expected. Our guests were very impressed by your video!  

Thank you!  

Regards, Avril (Wedding : 16/7/11)

Hi Chris

My colleague recommended Forest Productions to me as she was happy with their price and service. We engaged them and are impressed with their prompt service and professionalism. Got our morning video delivered in time for lunch. Hire them!

From : Rob and Lenca (Wedding - 5/3/11)

Dearest christopher,

I was surfing thru Internet for videographers, especially looking for someone who suits planning for our wedding highlights.

...I come across don and johnathan's wedding highlights thru forest productions.

There were many styles of wedding highlights available in the industry. But we simply loved the car 4D idea. And the overall humor concept.

Therefore, I call in to check price and to book any of the guys thru eve 1 yr before my wedding. But sadly, they were taken.

So I ask around from my friends for some recommendation. To realized, esther also recommended me don. The same group of videographers.

Luckily we changed our wedding date due to some wedding calculations. And eve recommended Christopher to us  

Everyone loved the highlights. Simple perfect! feedbacks were all positive! Keep up the good work!!

Love, Yeaf zhewei & tan Shiyun (Wedding date : 14/11/10)


We are very happy with the service. The express highlight was very well done up and all our guests like the video as much as we do. We will definitely recommend more of our friends to forest production specially to Don who did a great job for our wedding! Thanks Don!

Cheers, Li Wei & Mandy (Wedding : 8/10/10)

We had our wonderful moments of the day captured by Christopher.

He had produced work that we had met our standards of demand and further to that great after sales service because although the product has been completed, there was further editing done after requested by us.

Overall, we are very satisfied by the service provided by forest production.

A special thanks to Christopher whom had created memories on our special day.

From: Kelvin & Celynn (Wedding  16/7/10)

Hi Eve, thanks to Don and you and Forest Productions for your efforts.. I truly and sincerely had a great pleasure doing business with you.. Thanks again...

From: Mr & Mrs Siva (Wedding: 28/5/10)

About Christopher

We find working with Christopher a comfortable experience.

He was punctual, professional, calm, patient and took the time to understand and accommodate our schedule.

On the actual day, being the nervous wrecks we were, he never hesitated to step in and guide us on how to relax.

What I liked most about him is that He isn't a passive videographer, someone who just stands there and records events (what we were expecting actually).

He was actively involved with us, by offering suggestions on how to behave in front of the camcorder,

and reminding us on certain things that we missed out. That is assuring for a couple who is undergoing wedding rituals for the first time.

Friends who observed him during the morning session also raved about him. I think that speaks volumes.

About Forest Productions

We engaged Forest Production on a short notice, and were deeply impressed with its efficiency and prompt response.

Services, costs, conditions and receipts were clearly laid out and documented on time.

Despite the rush, they accommodated our timing and arranged an appointment to our convenience.

The services received definitely exceeded our expectations of this value-for-money videography package!

About the video

We are extremely pleased with the end product, and putting the dvds in a customized cover was a nice touch.

The DVD menu was easy to navigate; the footage was clear and enjoyable to watch.

We have no regrets signing up with Forest Production Video and highly recommend them.

From: Terry & Tricia (Wedding: 5/8/10) 

"With regards to our wedding video , is very nicely done..Jonathan had put in his effort & professionalism. Im very happi with the production that he had done. tks a lot to him & forest production . I will definitely ask my frens to consider forest production if they are getting married."

Rgds, Cindy & Thomas (Wedding Date: 4/7/10)

Hi Don & Jonathan,

A BIG THANK YOU to you guys for a great job done for our wedding. Our guests were very pleased with the express highlights and instant prints. Looking forward to our final products!

From : Darren & Kris (Wedding : 12/6/10)

Hi Don!!!

Thanks so much to you and your team for the fantastic work! Our guests were so impressed by the morning express highlights that they are still discussing about our video (even its already 1 month after our wedding!!!) Thanks so much for creating the most wonderful memories on our very special day! Once again, thank you so much for everything! We are so glad that we have Don as our videographer on our ROM and wedding!

P.S. & thanks so much for all your guidance throughout our wedding! Cant imagine without u! U are simply awesome!

From : Zi Hao & Chloe (Wedding : 4/6/10)

We chose Don to do our video because we saw a friend's video and it was really funny. Initially, we were concerned that Don might use the same jokes such as the 4D bridal car license plate. But, after seeing our expressed highlights, we were really very happy with the result. I especially liked the effects he created with the Totoro soft toys in my house as well as the humour he injected for the gatecrashing. No regrets in choosing Don for our video!

 Regards, Shirley & Benedict (Wedding : 22/5/10)

For jonathan's hard work that day I thank him once again, his camera angles I thought were very sharp and excellent, though I've not seen all the videos taken by him yet, I am sure without a doubt that his skill set and level of creativity will ensure my special day has had a good eye on it. His editing for the express highlights was flawless and I felt he captured the moment very well.

 Sincerely, Jonathan Woon (Wedding : 28/5/10) 

Hi Don and Jonathan

Jack and I saw the videos and photos! We absolutely loved the photos and the videos!

Thank you guys so much! It was definitely a joy to work with you guys!  

From: Jack and Jasmine (Wedding date: 25/2/10)

Dear Don,

We are really grateful to have such a professional team with us throughout our wedding day. Everyone felt so at ease with you & we are absolutely glad that we have made the right choice.

The 'Live photography & instant print' service was a blast among the inivited guests, & they were so well entertained throughout the night. Thank you once again for everything you & your team have done for us!

Cheers, Francis & Huiling (Wedding : 17/4/10)

Dear Don

Have view all the videos. They are all well done! Thanks for the effort. You are best & professional VG! Your work is excellent & great. Well done. My friends & family love your montage & morning highlights. Will recommend friends. Thank you for everything. Take Care.

Love, Kenny & Wenda (Wedding date : 30/12/09)

 Hi Jon,

Yap love the video's cheerful outcome which really made our guests burst out in laughters. It portrayed the very genuine us and certainly helped us in keeping the precious moments through the day in our memories. Thank you for your effort Jon!

Cheers, Jaime and Aaron (Wedding : 10/1/10)

Hi Don!

Many many thanks for the splendid montage that you have done for us!

It has indeed liven up the entire banquet with lotsa laughters and carved a very deep impression to our guests!! All of them enjoyed and raved about it!!

A big THANK YOU to you and your partner! =D

Looking forward to see the remaining video, also with the DSLR effects!!  

Cheers, Chin and Crystal (Wedding : 16/1/10)

Hi Don/Annie,

Firstly, just wana express my thanks to you guys for your help on my big day. The express highlights was very well done and my guests enjoyed it.  


From : Dominic & Yanping (Wedding date : 13/12/09)

Dear Don and Annie,

Thank you very much for the morning highlights video clip you made for us on 29 November 2009. We have received very good feedback from our guests - that you managed to capture our moments as well as the mood in our video clip.

We look forward to seeing the rest of the video soon  

Once again, thank you very much!

From : Leroy & Pear (Wedding : 29/11/09)

Hi Jonathan

We are very happy with your services during our wedding day on 14 Nov 2009. One word "GOOD!!!" describe all! My jie meis and xiong dis are very happy chatting and "working" with you and our photographer. We all have lotsa fun time and unforgettable memories that day since morning till night! I simply leave my big day to you with no worries!!

Our Relatives & friends loves the Express MTV you did for us! Its something different from other videographer. My friend likes your work and even requested your contacts to engage your help.?

We look forward to see more of your products and hope to see you soon! Keep in contacts  All the best Jon!!

...regards! Weiwen & Phoebe (Wedding date : 14/11/09)

For me, Don was more than a videographer. I considered him as part of the brothers entourage. He added alot of humour and gamely went along with the elaborate sabos prepared by my wife's sisters, climbing 19 storeys iwith us in search of post-its. His easy going nature also endeared him to our relatives and friends. His presence definitely made it all the more fun for us.

Our wedding banquet was also a huge success and we enjoyed tremendously every minute of it. One major aspect was because Don did a fantastic job on the express highlights. The video was well received by our guests. Don truly has a keen eye for detail, superbly capturing all the little nuances and events of the day and creatively condensing it.

We strongly recommend Don to all wedding couples.

Sincerely, Jason & Wanyu (Wedding : 16/11/09)

Dear Don. Thank you for being a great videographer on our wedding day! Many thanks to Eve and Annie as well for all the coordinating before and after our wedding. We are sure we will be enjoying the video. And Yes, we enjoyed the video and to date, I have watched it about 5 times!"


From : Peter & Jaimei (Wedding date : 27/9/09)

The video highlights were extremely well done. Our guests enjoyed it as much as we do! Jonathan was very creative in it, and it was truly a memorable express highlight. Jonathan was also very professional during our wedding, and guide us well on what to do. Thank you for being with us on that day!"

From : Waxus & Iris (Wedding Date : 18/10/09)

Hi Don, Alex,

Thanks for your excellent service for my wedding in July. The highlight clip was fantastic and i'm really impressed that you captured a lot of photos with interesting expressions!

Thanks Don, your express highlight is fantastic. Really love it and can't wait to see the rest of the video. Thanks!

 From : Robin and Faye (Wedding : 16/5/09)

Hi Don,

Both me & my wife would like to thank you as you have really done an excellent job. The express highlights played during the dinner was simply fantastic, even I myself nearly burst into tears watching the video. All my relatives and friends also commented that the video was very well taken. The video really meant alot for both me & my wife. Once again, I would like to thank you for the hard work. Cheers~!

 Thank you.

 Best Regards, Guowei & Yanfang (Wedding on 9/5/09)

Helo Eve, Don & Alex

Thanks for the great job. Realli enjoyed myself. Alex's morning edit is very good. Look forward to see the video and pics.  

From : Cindy & Steven (Wedding on 26/4/09)

Hi Don

 First of all, thank you for all your help during our 2 days of wedding, being a "wedding consultant" and the "lighting man"! We all love the video express, you guys did a great job! Thank you.

warm regards, Sophia & Abhijit (Wedding on 17 & 18/4/09)

 "Hi Don,

Jenny and Andy here. Just wanted to say a great big thank you for your wonderful express highlight! Everybody says its hilarious n enjoyed it. One of my friend even ask for your contact..U r good man..Cheers!

Once again, a great big thanks to you! You make the whole morning event so humorous & lively, everyone said videographer is good.. glad i stick to my decision to engage you.. keke"

 From : Jenny and Andy (Wedding date : 19/3/09)

Thanks alot Don and Eve,

Thanks for the wonderful photos, especially the "waterfall" picture you took of my gown at the hotel.Our families are all praise of you for your chirpy and humourous attitude throughout the day  Glad we had you.

From : LK & Jean


WE LOVE THEM! Really Love them!

Thank you Don, Alex & Eve!

 From : Kenny & Huey (Wedding on 1 Feb 09)


Just dropping a note to thank Don and Eve for the wonderful coverage of our weddding on 27 Dec 2008. Many of my friends said that the wedding express highlights that Don and Eve did for us was the best wedding video they have ever seen! It was great to have Don around with us that day, as he is extremely experienced and was able to advise us on what we need to do.

Thank you Don & Eve, and wish you all a great year ahead! haha..

From : Linying & Wei Cheng (Wedding date : 27/12/08)


Hi Don and Eve

Thanks for the wonderful video highlights! It is so touching and beautifully done! Many of my friends and guests were asking us for ur contact! We enjoyed it so much that we watched it over and over again. Thanks for rushing out our dvds (and working on Xmas day) so that it will be ready before we go back to Australia.

To all who are looking around for quality PG/VG svc - Don is very professional and friendly. He works well with my PG from a diff co and provides my MUA with extra lighting using his cam when my room is too dark.In fact they work so well together that my friends thought they are from the same co.

Once again thanks for the wonderful svc!

From : Casandra & Joseph (Wedding Date : 19/12/08)


Hi Don

Received the photos... its so beautiful and nice!! You have done a great job. We like it alot. Thank you so much. Happy New Year!

From : Jeremy & Jo (Wedding :14/12/08)


Hi Don and Eve

A big Thank You to don and you, captured every moment and store as our memories.  Thumbs up for the service you provide! J Really please with your service. I watch my DVD so many times. J Thanks Don, you are really friendly and helpful. Thanks Eve for your patience! Good Job. J

From : Hanbo and Lesley (Wedding : 7/12/08)


Hi Don & Eve, It's us! Alvin & Joanna! We would like to thank you very much for being a wonderful VG on our Actual day, 27th Nov '08!! U were really great and it was really nice to have you around with all ur jokes!!

All our guests like the video express alot and I've also uploaded into my Multiply account and also received many compliments!

Thank you so much!! N keep in touch ya? Oh, c u in Oct next year!! Hehe... Edwina's wedding!!!

To all the brides here, faster grab Don! I'm sure you wont regret cos he's really a nice n fun person to work with! Very pro too!!

From : Joanna & Alvin (Wedding Date : 27/11/08)


Dear Don,

It has been a pleasure to have you as our wedding day videographer. It was a fantastic job capturing every precious moments of that special event. Thanks to you & your team effort that had brought about my guest great enjoyment of the day express highlight. We had receieved excellent comments from our guests.

Regards, Benjamin & Evon (Wedding : 23/11/08)


Hi Don,

Just want to compliment you for a job well done for our wedding on 15 & 16 Nov 08. Your cheery mood and constant laughter and jokes built up the atmosphere and put everyone at ease. Thanks wedding guru for guiding us through all the rituals =) Thanks for yr initiative in helping our guests to snap pics when the pg was late... and for your efficiency and professionalism in organising the guests for the phototaking so we could complete everything on time. Last but not least, thanks for capturing and presenting the best moments of our wedding day in the express highlights. We're so looking forward to the actual video now...=)

From : Eng Kit & Weijia (Wedding Date : 15 & 16/11/08)

Hi Don

Maybe u already cannot remember us but we want to let u know we appreciate your great job done on our wedding day. Your masterpiece will always remind us of our fun & memorable day! Thank you so much & press on giving your best to others!

Btw, our wedding was on 2/11/2008. A long time ago & yes, you will always be remembered for your great talent.

From : Brian & Sharine (Wedding date : 2/11/08)


Hi Don,

Thanks for the great work done for the montage and morning express. Our guest informed (us) that it was very touching and well done. Thanks very much!

From : Chee Keong and Valerie (Wedding Date : 18/10/08)


HI Don n Eve

just wanted to share my feedback once again..I collected my DVD today and watch it 3 times already,u have done such a great job!! I am impressed that not only u were fun to work with on my AD,livening up the mood at all times, and the impressive express highlights in the morning..and last bt nt least,u have once again live up to your name-my AD events were so well captured in the DVD!!

TO everyone that is considering Forest Productions,

u must sign up with him cos he will do a splendid job for you!! I believe he has captured the best of my AD and no one would have done a better job than that=p

An extremely satisfied customer, Rayn & Jackson (Wedding Date : 28/9/08)

Dearest Don and Eve,

 it was you that made my special day even more memorable! You really made the stressful moments in the wedding easier to deal with,with all your jokes.=) Many friends and relatives had commented on my express highlights that it was hilarious and was reali well done! Both Jackson and i watch it over and over again, because you have capture our most valuable and memorable moments of our life=) thanks for everything...

Regards, Jackson and Rayn (Wedding : 28/9/08)


Hi Alex,

Hope you, Don and Eve have had a great Christmas. Here's my comments:

"Forest Productions ensured the joy and emotion of our big day were well captured on video. The video we keep is very tastefully done and my relatives enjoyed it thoroughly." 

cheers, Dan (Wedding date : 27/9/08)


Hi all

I am (or rather was) a July bride. We engaged Don's VG services and he brought along Alex as well. The 2 guys were great and very friendly and cooperated well with our PG who is from our BS. Don's wife, Eve has been always very helpful and friendly in explanation of the day's procedures and other stuff too.

The express highlight is also short and sweet, and captured many fun moments of the day itself.

Although we have not received the final DVD from Forest Productions, we are happy with their services and confident on the quality of work as well.

We are glad that we engaged Forest Productions' services although we found them thru a "wild" search!

From : Jervis & Winnie (Wedding Date :6/7/08)


Hi all and especially to Don and Eve,

We just had our wedding on 27th June and we are happy and glad to say that we had Don to be our actual day Videographer. Despite the crazily tight schedule, the express highlight created was one that made many so touched that they teared at our wedding reception.

It was certainly fun to have Don around to liven up the atmosphere with his easy-going and humourous nature. Not forgetting Eve, who made a few arrangement and gave quite good advice regarding our schedule so that we could 'fully utilise' the video package.

We are certainly looking forward to more 'finished products' for our wedding.

Thanks a lot, Don and Eve.

From : Melvin and Yee Tien (Wedding Date : 27/6/08)


Hi Don and Eve,

our wedding was on 21 June 2008. Just want to thank you for providing such a fun and entertaining morning highlights for us. It received many positive feedback and i'm glad that it left a deep impression on many of our guests. I'm proud to tell them it was done by forest production.

Many thanks to your advices that day too. And i look forward to receiving the rest of the videos from you.

Have a nice day!

From : Sze Yang & Lee Ling (Wedding Date : 21/6/08)


hi all,

we jus had our wedding this jun 14 and would like to thank Don & Eve for the great help and advice!!

2 thumbs up for Don's great skills!

needless to say his jovial n fun loving personality does help putting everyone at ease 

 the express highlights was wonderful and got many gd comments from all my guest and of cos Don's a hit with the elderly n bbs making them show their wonderful smiles for his camera n my memories..

i cannot thank Don & Eve enuff for the great effort!

definately recommend Don to all BTBs..

trust me you will not regret..

many thanks, Raymond & Jennifer (Wedding Date : 14/6/08)


Hi Don & Eve,

Thanks for your help on our wedding day.

We've finished viewed the wedding DVD and are very impressed.

The day's event was captured and put together beautifully.

Do give us a call if you pop by Tokyo and till we meet again, take care.

Warm Regards, Naoya & Liling (Wedding Date : 18/11/07)


Hi all,

I just had my wedding 1 month ago and have just recieved my dvd videos from Don and Eve. 

Before talking about the videos themselves, I have to say that my husband and I have enjoyed working with Don and Eve. Before we signed up with them, we met them a few times where they patiently explained their process and showed us their works. Before the actual day, they took care to ensure that they understood the requirements and schedule of the actual day and that we (bride and bridegroom) knew what to expect on that day. On the actual day itself, Don and his assistant were early. Don is very friendly and I really appreciate it how he tried to keep me relaxed and happy (especially when the makeup artist lost her way).

As for the videos, each DVD is printed with a unique photo and all DVDs are placed inside a DVD casing, which also has a cover with our photos (all photos selected by us). The videos are very clear, sharp and steady. For the edited videos, transitions between scenes are smooth and important scenes are captured. Overall, the videos were excellent and definitely met our expectations.

In summary, we are very pleased with Don and Eves' services and are very glad to have chosen him as our actual day VG. We will definitely recommend Don if you are looking for an affordable and competent VG.

From : Linda & Danny (Wedding Date : 6/10/07)


Hi everyone,

We engaged Don for our wedding in July. Just want to say that we really like his works and thought he did a great job capturing the key moments on our big day.

We actually engaged Don at the last minute because our original VG pulled out on us. Luckily Don was still available on our date. And because we don't live in Singapore, he rushed out our video for us.

We are very happy with Don and would recommend him to our friends!

From : Shyue Ping & Jynn (Wedding Date : 5/7/07)


Hi All,

Just finished my wedding yesterday and very very satisfied with Don work especially the morning highlights..All my guests laugh like mad and applause at the end of the montage..Really worth o money..


But most importantly, he help us along the way cause we don have a clue what we should do and he really save our day helping us to push away all the people who wanted to make us drunk..


Two thumbs up for him.

 ps: not advertising for him.. just wana tell u guys..

From : Amy & Lawrence (Wedding Date : 10/11/06)


 Hi, I had my video taken by Don. And I love it! Very professional, and reasonable priced too!

 From : Melissa & Kim Chuan (Wedding Date : 10/11/06)


Hi All,

Just had my wedding last sun 18Dec05. Don was my VG for that day. He had done a fabulous job for my montage & morning highlights. We love the feel of the montage & the highlights. so nice & romantic.

From : Ching Ching & Melvin (Wedding Date : 18/12/05)